The myth about grain-free

Grain-free pet food is gaining in popularity as the awareness of food allergies in pets is growing. However, not all grain-free pet food and pet treats are good for pets with allergies. In fact, grain-free pet food may contain an ingredient, which may cause more issues in pets. The culprit is potato.

Many pet owners know to avoid pet food and treats containing corn, wheat, soy and grains. Certain pet food and treats contain corn, wheat, soy and grains, because these ingredients are cheap and are used as a binding agent. Ingredients, such as corn, are not easily digestible and may be contaminated or an allergen as confirmed by Dog Food Advisor.

Potato is a starch used as a binding agent as well in many popular “grain-free” pet food brands. This carbohydrate, as well as the others previously mentioned, convert to sugar and are high on the glycemic index. Sugar feeds yeast. Too much sugar in your pet’s diet can cause a yeast infection, as Dr. Karen Becker explains in an article entitled “Itchy, Smelly Dog, Yeast Infection May Be The Problem…” Dogs with allergies often lick and chew their paws making their paws red and/or raw. allergies, red paws, chewing paws, grain free, pet food, potato, dog, dogs, pet, pets, pet foodSymptoms of a yeasty pet are a foul smell, itchy skin and ear infections.

Take a look at all the ingredients listed on your pet’s food and treats. Are there grains and/or potatoes listed in the ingredients? Eliminating potato as well as grains may benefit your pet especially if your pet has itchy skin or is prone to ear infections.

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