The Bosque

Story and photos by Nina K. Jussila

Irvine, CA – As new neighborhoods keep popping up in the city of Irvine, many new parks and some trails have been developed as well. The Bosque is one of those places where people and their dogs can explore new paths.

As a dog owner, a dog walker and a resident for the past 2 years, my dogs and I have become very familiar with these trails. We enjoy these trails, but I do have some words of caution.

The Bosque is currently just over 1 mile in length when walking the concrete path from one end to the other. The concrete path is shared by pedestrians, cyclists and dogs.

While walking my dogs on the path this afternoon, there was a person on an electric bike that sped by us although the bike path is meant for Class 1 Bikes. Be aware of where your dog is and those around you. Keep you and your dog to the right as bicycles ride the center.

The 1-mile length of The Bosque crosses several blocks, yet there is no need for those walking their dogs to cross any streets. Underpasses and parking lots are conveniently situated to avoid cars and crossing any roads.

The Bosque also conveniently has many poop bag stations along the paths as well as trash cans and recycling bins.

I do have a word of caution for those walking their dogs along these trails. Stay alert, aware and keep dogs on leash and especially keep small dogs close. I have come across coyotes along these trails several times (all during the day) including this afternoon.

One more tip that I have is to avoid these trails with your dog during the hot days of summer. The trails get covered in ants. For whatever reason, the ants come out on hot days and will crawl all over your dog as they did mine.

The Bosque is a scenic place to enjoy walking your dog. Just beware of coyotes at any time of day and ants during hot days.

2 thoughts on “The Bosque”

  1. Thanks for the article on the Bosque Trail. We have experienced the ants, but not yet the coyotes. For a little variety off the trail, you can venture into the adjacent neighborhood for several lovely parks like Beacon and Cadence.
    I have created my own trail and park list that I can share with you and you could review them in your blog if you like. I had made mental notes regarding which trails are good for overcast days (because they are not shady trails) and which ones are nice for even hot days.

    1. Thank you for your comment to my blog post. I do agree with you. There are many beautiful parks near the Bosque trail in the Great Park neighborhoods! I’d be happy to review your list of trails and parks. You can email me at

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