Pet Care Services


Free Customized Pet Care Consultation

All in Day’s Bark offers an initial consultation at no cost. A meeting will be held with you and your pet(s) to get to know your pet’s needs, answer any questions and develop a personalized pet care program to suit you and your pet.


Home Visit/Walks

All in a Day’s Bark provides your pet with an at home visit.

Following the initial consultation, the visit may include the following:

  • Walk
  • Fresh Water
  • Feeding
  • Playing
  • Petting
  • Proper Disposal of Pet Waste
  • Meds (if needed)


Serenity Sleepover

All in a Day’s Bark provides overnight pet/house sitting. Your pet will have companionship at home with undivided attention. Services listed above are also included in this package.


Play Date/Hike

All in a Day’s Bark can lead your dog on a hike or provide your pet with another furry companion. Social dogs may prefer to walk with another dog. Upon request and with consent, your dog can walk or hike with another dog.