A Sensible Guide for Traveling Pet Owners

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Guest article provided by Jessica Brody of Ourbestfriends.pet 

Edited and photo by Nina Jussila of All in a Day's Bark

IRVINE, CA - Leisure travel remains heavily on the minds of American citizens. According to vacation industry professionals and CNBC, people are increasingly voyaging to international destinations. Though jet setters often consider their pets equivalent to family members, bringing along nonhuman relatives typically isn't possible. Hiring someone to care for a furry, feathery, or scaly friend becomes mandatory. All in a Day’s Bark has a rundown of some matters every traveling pet parent should know

Why Hire a Pet Sitter

Many opt for enlisting a neighbor rather than a professional. This decision can be a dangerous mistake. Someone whose occupation is devoted to critters has superior training during an emergency. Additionally, quality caregivers come with pet-sitter insurance.

Beyond their ability to handle injuries, pet sitters reduce an animal's stress levels which tend to skyrocket when owners are absent. Ask them to look for signs of anxiety, like sudden behavioral changes or excessive scratching. Maximize this benefit by having the caretaker stop by for cuddles and playtime at consistent intervals. Seeking a professional pet sitter that is fear free certified will not only alleviate your worries but will ease the stress on your pet while the owner is away.

Where To Look for a Pet Sitter

When looking for a pet sitter, start by checking local online directories and review sites to find reputable service providers with positive feedback. Asking for recommendations from fellow pet owners, friends, or family can often lead to trusted sitters who have proven their reliability. Social media groups dedicated to local pet communities can also be a valuable resource for recommendations and firsthand experiences. Additionally, professional organizations like Pet Sitters International,  National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Fear Free Certified Professional offer directories of certified pet sitters in various regions.

How To Qualify a Pet Sitter

Interviews are an excellent method of zeroing in on an appropriate match. Brainstorm and write down questions before conversing with candidates. Inquiries concerning experience, fees, and training can shed valuable light. Verify familiarity with unusual species if the pet in question happens to be uncommon. Ask for references before saying adieu and conduct a criminal background check afterward if you're inclined.

What To Provide a Pet Sitter

Point out where supplies are kept, including food, toys, and grooming supplies. Ensure there is enough food for the pet and all necessary pet supplies are provided and kept in the same locations as shown to the pet sitter. Local emergency contact information needs to be provided to the pet sitter as well as the name and number of the vet and emergency animal hospital.

What To Tell a Pet Sitter

Detail how to administer medication and discuss signs that indicate discomfort, along with proven strategies for relieving distress. Review dietary requirements as well as playtime and walking schedules. Consider providing a list of forbidden foods. Chocolate, for instance, is toxic to canines. A professional pet sitter should know what human foods are toxic to pets and should only provide the food and treats approved by the owner. Share which treats, vegetables and fruit are allowed and the pet's favorites.

Caring for the home should also be covered. Explain using the thermostat to ensure the home is not too hot or too cold for the pets and the pet sitter. Indicate any indoor plants that may need water and mailbox that may need to be checked.

How To Communicate With a Pet Sitter

Further instructions ought to include the desired frequency of updates. Be specific about the preferred method of communication. Let the pet sitter know how often you want updates and what you want included in those updates. Pet sitters can provide photos and video as well as written messages regarding your pet. Keep in mind that different time zones might pose an obstacle.

Prepare for a Peaceful Trip

Leaving your pets can be a stressful choice for you and your critters. Hiring a specialist to care for a nonhuman family member should deliver superior results compared with a neighborhood teenager looking to earn a fast buck. The appropriate person will play a calming role for the pet, treat the home with care, and know what action to take in the event of an emergency. Do your research and find the best pet sitter for your four legged friends so you can travel with peace of mind

All in a Day’s Bark provides dog walking and pet sitting services in a calm, loving, safe and reliable manner alleviating stress and anxiety for you and your pet. Reach out if your pet is in need of compassionate care in the Orange County area of Southern California, specifically in Irvine, CA.


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