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All In A Day’s Bark is a blogging site dedicated to all dogs and their humans that love them. Hopefully you find some useful information and come back often as we will be updating quite frequently with lots of good stuff. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you again.

Introduction to “Tuesdays’ Trails with Tails”

ORANGE COUNTY, California – The first official day of spring has arrived in California as of today, Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Walking our friends with tails along trails becomes more exciting as nature becomes more alive with activity. Daylight lasts longer as flowers...

America’s Family Pet Expo revisits Orange County

Costa Mesa, CA – Vendors from the pet industry, rescue groups for dogs and cats as well as organizations for various breeds will be springing up booths as America’s Family Pet Expo revisits the OC Fair & Events Grounds from April 27 – 29. Keep pets at home to enjoy...

Winter Woes

People suffer from seasonal depression, but do pets? Pets need daily exercise for physical and mental stimulation. The parts of the world experiencing colder, shorter and darker days may make people feel gloomy and exercise more challenging. Half way through the...

Welcome Back

Hi all. It's been a while but we're back with a fresh new look. Of course, things will develop over time but for now, we look at this as a "starting over" point. So welcome back and hope to see you visit us often. Thanks for stopping by. See ya...

One of the coolest pet blogs I’ve seen. Very minimal but lots of good info. Stuff I should’ve known but didn’t. I’ll definitely be back.  Suddy818