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All In A Day’s Bark is a blogging site dedicated to all dogs and their humans that love them. Hopefully you find some useful information and come back often as we will be updating quite frequently with lots of good stuff. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you again.

Winter Woes

People suffer from seasonal depression, but do pets? Pets need daily exercise for physical and mental stimulation. The parts of the world experiencing colder, shorter and darker days may make people feel gloomy and exercise more challenging. Half way through the...

Welcome Back

Hi all. It's been a while but we're back with a fresh new look. Of course, things will develop over time but for now, we look at this as a "starting over" point. So welcome back and hope to see you visit us often. Thanks for stopping by. See ya...

Put it in a pouch…a Pupper Pouch!

Picture the following scenario. You grab your phone, keys and your dog’s leash as you and your dog head out the door for a quick walk. You then realize that you have no pockets. You grumble as you fumble with your keys and phone while trying to grab a poop bag to pick...

How I got my dog to lose weight

Reflecting back to just over a year ago, I wrote about my desire to be more active with my dog. I resolved to walk 10,000 steps with my dog daily in an attempt for both of us to lose weight. We achieved our goal of being active most days and, as a result, we both lost...

One of the coolest pet blogs I’ve seen. Very minimal but lots of good info. Stuff I should’ve known but didn’t. I’ll definitely be back.  Suddy818