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ORANGE COUNTY, California – The first official day of spring has arrived in California as of today, Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Walking our friends with tails along trails becomes more exciting as nature becomes more alive with activity. Daylight lasts longer as flowers bloom, birds nest, young wildlife scamper and landscapes turn greener.

dog, dog friendly trail, dog friendly, dog hike, dog walk, spring, springtime, cavalier king charles spaniel, For these very reasons, spring is my favorite season. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chloe, also appears to enjoy this season the most as she runs through the fresh green grass, sniffs the colorful wild flowers and attempts to chase the baby bunnies. In honor of spring starting this year on a Tuesday, this day of the week will be dedicated to dog friendly trail reviews moving forward.

Since Chloe and I reside in Orange County, the trails reviewed will be mostly from this area. Reviews of trails in other geographical areas may be added to the mix as we venture on occasional road trips to different locations.

Reviews by readers are welcome! I would love to receive and share dog friendly trials from across the country and around the world. Follow @chloe_the_cavalier on Instagram to view her adventures and send a private message with your contact information. Your dog friendly trail review with your Instagram account may be shared in a future post on All in a Day’s Bark.