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Reflecting back to just over a year ago, I wrote about my desire to be more active with my dog. I resolved to walk 10,000 steps with my dog daily in an attempt for both of us to lose weight.

We achieved our goal of being active most days and, as a result, we both lost weight. I lost 10 pounds and my dog lost the 3 pounds that she needed to lose.

In addition to the longer walks, diet played a major role in my dog’s weight loss. Her breakfast consisted of raw rabbit by Primal, which contains as low as 5% fat. Her dinner typically comprised of a grain-free and potato-free dry food. If she was given any treats during the day, it was some of the kibble from her actual dinner. Therefore, she was not consuming extra calories. Her portions were always measured out according to the desired weight not what she was currently weighing.

It did not take long for my dog to drop the extra 3 pounds that she gained. By summer, she was back to her slim self with a waistline again. From the 10 pounds that I lost, I felt a whole lot better. I was no longer experience foot and heel pain. I did not have as many aches and pains. I imagine my dog feels that much better as well since 3 pounds is a lot on a 16-pound dog.

Being a dog parent, I ensure that my dog maintains her ideal weight to live a long and healthy life. The factors that attributed to the success of my dog losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight involve a low fat diet, portion control, either no extra treats or high fat treats as well as plenty of exercise. We continue to stay active and eat healthy. We both enjoy our one-on-one time on our long walks or hikes outdoor. I am positive that we both feel better because of it as well.